One More Flight

By The Gamezop Team · 1 Oct, 2018

Can you complete the level the first time by cruising the plane through the obstacles, or you need One More Flight? This free HTML5 game takes you through a level based journey of collecting stars through the cruise and avoiding the obstacles on your way. You can land in between the level at the given checkpoints to take rest and resume your flight from their. There are three stars within each level, collecting all will give you a perfect 3-star finish.

The game boasts smooth graphics and equally matched background music to keep the users hooked. Each time you tap on the screen, the engines get rolling and take and keep your plane airborne. But don’t tap for long or the plane will go topsy-turvy. If you miss tapping at the right moment, gravity will play its part and the plane will hit the ground. Watch out for the clouds and other structures outside the checkpoints or your plane will crash.

One More Flight is one of the best HTML5 games available and is to sure keep you wanting to play more.

Play One More Flight here.