Omit Orange 2

By Akshay Mehta · Oct 8, 2018

Coming as a visual delight, Omit Orange 2, as the name suggests aims to eliminate the oranges. Save the greens in such a way that they remain inside the gameplay area till the timer ticks. If the greens don’t land perfectly and are stable for the given time, you clear the level. Watch out when the colors get faces, that’s when the gravity kicks in. The faces will be pulled by gravity in the direction of their faces.

Omit Orange 2 has each level crafted with progressive difficulty and uses different kinds of challenging puzzles to tickle your brain find our the right solution. There’s a great attention to detail when it comes to each sound the characters and the objects within the game make. Just tap on the oranges to eliminate them from the game and ensure the greens are safe. Use the pendulums, lifts and other platforms to your advantage while proceeding with the levels.

You can play this free HTML5 game online here.