Oh Yes

By Rishabh Arora · Nov 14, 2016

Oh Yes

Can you differentiate between blue and red?  Can you find a way to place them without repetition?

Oh Yes is a logic based game that has the player scratching their heads trying to figure out what they are missing. Mind Boggling rules and a fast -paced game play has the player redoing their steps multiple times to figure out the end solution is.

The rules are simple. There cannot be a repetition of the colour combination in any column. Each row and column should have equal number of tiles of both colours. No given row or column can have more than three adjacent same coloured tiles. Confusing? At first it is. But as time flies, you will see yourself easily doing a whole lot of permutations and combinations to figure the puzzle out.

As the player progresses from 16 tiles to 36, the difficulty level too increases. But once the trick is found, the rest of the levels are a breeze.  This game keeps the player thinking long after the game is over and makes the player yearn for more levels and more challenges.

There are helpful hints along the way and players can review the rules whenever they want.  They can also undo their last move and start over from scratch. It makes the player scratch their head wondering where they went wrong.

Overall Oh Yes is light, fun and entertaining throughout. It makes for a quick game while on the way to work or even while waiting for a bus.  An added plus are the effects and the increasing difficulty at each level.

Tip:  Three blocks of red do not go together!

You can play Oh Yes here