Oh No

By Rishabh Arora · Dec 22, 2016

Are your math skills strong? Can you recognize patterns easily? Then Oh No is the perfect game for you! Fans of the old-school Minesweeper will love Oh No. Calculate with numbers and change colours of circles in this exciting arcade game. You must strategize and turn each circle into a red or white colour with the given clues. Fill up the board with correct colours and score more points! Use the clues wisely and you can be the master of this seemingly easy game! Choose from a variety of boards and test your calculation skills in this exciting game!

In Oh No, you must play with a cool head. The board is divided into reds and blues. The blues also have a number written on them which indicates the number of other blues that they can see i.e. If the blue shows 2, it means that it can have only two other blues around it. It is your job to fill the board with colours of all kind. The reds act as blockers, making sure that no more blues can be assigned in that area. Look at the numbers carefully, be observant and score higher points to make it to the Leader Board!

Overall, Oh No is an engaging and educational game. The backdrop is simple and the sound effects tuneful. Oh No is a casual gamer’s paradise and is a must for anyone who likes number games.

Tip: Try to use the reds to your advantage!

Play Oh No here.