Nut Physics

By Rishabh Arora · May 6, 2017

Nut Physics is one of our many fun html5 games. In Nut Physics, you play a squirrel saving nuts for the winter. But first you must collect your nuts from all around the forest. Winter is coming, its cold, and your squirrel needs to store food before the cold sets in. Help it collect nuts from all around the forest by floating up and down in this exciting new arcade game! Collect nuts and reach the nest at the end of each level to successfully pass it and move on to the next one. Make your way quickly through all the levels and your squirrel can be warm for the rest of winter!

The gameplay of Nut Physics is easy-going. You must tap to float your squirrel and tap again to flap its wings and let it drop. Move through a maze-like structure in this adventure game and make it through all the challenging levels. Each level brings with it a new element and more nuts to collect. Collect your nuts and deposit them in your nest to be able to go back to sleep and make it through the winter safe and warm. The more levels you pass, the more points you can earn. Become a pro at Nut Physics and see your name on our leaderboards!

On a whole, Nut Physics is highly educational and fun at the same time. The characters and elements of the game are brilliantly designed. The background and music are mesmerizing and you will find yourself unable to close the game.

Tip: Float when you encounter a fan.

Play Nut Physics here.