By Rishabh Arora · Nov 30, 2016

Monsterjong is a tactical game where players must put all their brain cells to use.  Players must match pairs of cards together in this Mahajong lookalike. Players must put their best foot forward and play to the best of their abilities. Will you be able to see the pattern or will the clock run out? Players must be quick and flexible in this race against time. Figuring out the pattern and matching similar tiles are the only thing that saves the player in this puzzle game. Players must think logically and work accordingly. Monsterjong is a mind-blowing twist to the traditional old game!

The rules to play are straightforward. Players must match two identical tiles within the time limit.  The tiles are stacked one below the other hence players may not be able to access some tiles although they may be visible. The game works exactly like the olden Mahajong but with slight twists where the game is based on a crowd of monsters, vampires and ghosts. crossing each level ensures the player more points.  Players must become quicker in their matching as the levels go on because the number of pairs too increases. With more and more patterns and designs, it is a challenge to the player to match them perfectly.

Overall the game is perfect for all puzzle lovers. The story line of monsters and the aura of being haunted is a perfect setting to the arcade game.  The musical score is apt to tie up the whole horror feeling. This game is a right mix of fun and entertaining. Monsterjong enthrals players of all ages and is the epitome of casual games.

Tip: Don’t be fooled by the tiles under the stacks.

Play Monsterjong here.