Monster Wants Candy

By Rishabh Arora · Nov 28, 2016

Monster Wants Candy is an intense arcade game where players are enchanted with the monsters and his candy. Players must fight the unknown to rescue the monster’s lover. This fast-paced tapping game requires that all the attention of the player be on the game.  The monster although horrifying to look at, captures the heart of the player in an instant. Players must fight tooth and nail to catch all the candy and successfully rescue the monster’s lover in this adventure game. Monster wants candy is an exciting entry in the casual games market and is completely enthralling.

The rules to play this game are simple. Players must only tap on the candy that is launched into the air. Each candy must be collected else players lose time as well as points. The game becomes a bit complex when not just candy but also bombs are launched into the air. Tap on a bomb and the entire game has gone up in smoke. Players must also beware of the times when new candy is introduced and the pace of the game becomes faster. It is tougher to keep tapping at this point but players must persist. The more candy one manages to tap, the better their points are.

Monster wants Candy is thoroughly entertaining and at times even makes the player laugh out loud at the monster’s antics. An ever-open mouth and bouncing all over the place monster is a delightful sight. The music is apt and the background even more so to the story of a rescue mission from a tower.

Tip: Watch out for the bombs!

Play Monster Wants Candy here.