Minigolf Kingdom

By Vaishali Ramesh · Dec 8, 2016

Minigolf Kingdom is a superbly made golf game which is great for kids as well as adults alike. In this game, you must hit a golf ball in the hole and you have seven chances to do so, each time you miss, you lose a chance. The game is spread across 15 beautiful, unique and picturesque mini golf courses and as you unlock a new course the level of difficulty slightly increases which keeps the game fun and challenging. The courses have some interesting features like sand pits, ponds, rocks and spinning blades, you must use each of these obstacles to your advantage to progress further.

Minigolf Kingdom is very easy to play, striking the golf ball is very easy and all you must do is touch and drag your finger behind the golf ball to set a pathway for the strike. Release your finger to shoot the ball. The game has subtle dynamics and the attention to small details is fantastic, the way the golf ball slows down in the sand pits or the way it drowns in the ponds make the entire experience of this game more realistic.

Minigolf Kingdom has an engaging soundtrack with some fitting sound effects, overall, the game is great for gamers who enjoy the casual and sports genres of games.

Tip: Use your surroundings to your advantage.

You can play Minigolf Kingdom here.