Melon Pinch

By Rishabh Arora · Nov 21, 2016

Melon Pinch is a strategic game where the player’s wits are tested. Watermelons and pins do not go well together but in this game, they make for an entertaining pair. The game also helps players cope with their hunger pangs.  Juicy melons tempt the player but they must control themselves and aim to harm the melon to the best of their abilities. Melon Pinch as the name suggest is when the players must pinch the melon without hurting any important areas. Are you up to the task?

The gameplay is uncomplicated. Players must aim pins at the melon. But the challenge is when the melon begins rotating constantly without pause. Players must carefully throw pins at the open areas of the melon and avoid hitting the small bugs at frequent intervals on the melon. But it is also game over if the player hits the same spot as any previous pins. The game becomes tougher as the levels progress. The melon spins faster and there are a lot more pins to use at each level. The player must be constantly vigilant and on the lookout for the right time to throw.  

Melon Pinch is entertaining and fun. The game like every other on the Gamezop platform is perfect in execution and runs without any glitch. Players will be awestruck at the visuals and the sound effects of this game. Melon Pinch is by far one of the best games on Gamezop.

Tip: Don’t hit any previous pins. Space them out.

Play Melon Pinch here.