Marshmallow Dash

By Vaishali Ramesh · Nov 14, 2016

Jumping your way through a game? Check.

A lovable and familiar food item as a hero? Check.

Nod to an iconic Italian plumber? No points for guessing.

Marshmallow dash is an interesting, adventurous and addictive game that will fill you with nostalgia and frustrate you with the simple complexity of its gameplay. The game resembles Mario and is engaging. It also strikes a perfect cord with anyone who has ever played a 2d corridor game. Just seconds into the game and you’re thrown into the gruesome and unforgiving world of this marshmallow whose only objective seems to be surviving a minefield of obstacles with timely jumps that keep your hero alive through the 30 levels of the game. Clear each corridor to get through to the next one. It’s that simple.

Survival in marshmallow land proves to be tougher than you would expect and timing one jump wrong will remind you of the days you spent swearing at a flappy bird. At first, the levels are quite simple, but just as you think you’re getting the hang of the gameplay, the game throws some seemingly minor challenges that are sure to cause some major upsets. Somehow the game feels very relatable, however it retains it originality in the process. A striking feature of this game is the right blend of the aesthetically pleasing landscape and a decent background score.

In a perfect scenario, advancing through such an easy to play 2D game should take barely 20 minutes to finish but when you sit down to play Marshmallow Dash your mild imperfections are sure to frustrate you for a lot longer than 20 minutes. Like all great mobile games, Marshmallow dash takes a familiar, easy to understand concept and breathes the sort of refreshment into it which makes this game a worthwhile play.

Tip: Time your jumps to perfection or you must start over.

You can play Marshmallow Dash here.