Light Tower

By Vaishali Ramesh · Nov 29, 2016

Light Tower is a beautifully made arcade game which is very interesting, engaging and equally addictive. In this game, you oversee the protection of a Light Tower.  The tower is under attack from ninjas of the neighbouring village who throw ‘kakute’ (ninja spiked rings) at your light tower from all angles, you must protect the light tower by dodging all the dangerous weapons hurled at you and simultaneously collecting beams of light which help you survive. Can you protect the Light Tower from all the enemies?

This game seems super easy and fun; however, it is far from it, in fact it is difficult and challenging and this is what makes it so addictive. In this game, you control a shard of light which moves from side to side on your screen. The controls of the game are super simple, tap in the direction you wish to move your shard of light and that’s it! The major objective is to collect beams of light while avoiding the fast-moving weapons flung in your direction. If your shard hits a weapon, its game over and you must start over. Simple controls incorporated into a complex gameplay make this game a huge hit.

Light Tower has an aesthetically pleasing background which changes between day and night themes, the sound effects of every minuscule detail are perfect and this adds depth to the gameplay while providing an edge to the gameplay. Overall, this game is a complete masterpiece, it is highly addictive and entertaining and it is surely worth a shot.

Tip: Focus on avoiding the ‘kakutes’ as this is more important than intercepting the beams.

You can play Light Tower here.