Let's Go Fishing

By The Gamezop Team · 1 Nov, 2016

Let’s Go Fishing is an adventure game that gives the player a soothing effect. Players must only catch fish in the calmest and quietest way possible.  The game only demands that players put their fishing techniques to good use and catch fish in a huge lake. Food lovers and animal lovers alike will enjoy this game that only uses a hook and bait. Let’s go Fishing is one of the simplest games on Gamezop and can be played whenever and wherever.

The game is easy to understand. All the player must do is throw their hooks in the right direction to catch fish. The fish appear from every direction possible and arrive in schools. The player must strategically throw their hooks into the pond while the fish are in motion to bait them in. This is where the game gets challenging. The hooks movement is not completely controlled by the player. The player can only make an approximate guess to which direction it might fall in. Moreover, if the player does not manage to catch a fish in any one hook, they lose a life.

The game is endless but also therapeutic. The player does not need to overthink and can only concentrate on catching fish. No distractions are present in the game and the sole act of catching fish seems to cool the player’s nerves. Overall the game is perfect for a stressful day when all the player wants is to unwind.  

Tip: Always catch a fish on every throw.

Play Let’s Go Fishing here.