Let Me Grow

By Vaishali Ramesh · Dec 21, 2016

Let Me Grow is a logic game which incorporates superb puzzles with some great gameplay. In Let Me Grow, you progress from one level to another while saving water starved sunflowers by providing them with water. The game is all about saving these plants by opening passages, faucets and trenches to let the water supply flow from one place to another. The game seems a lot like Where’s my Water, but only here you must help the plants instead of a crocodile. Can you help all these plants in need?

Let me Grow is spread across 28 unique levels where each one gets slightly tougher as you progress. While you solve the difficult puzzles, and try to beat the game, you have no time restrictions and this make the game even more relaxing and casual and laid back.

The game features some excellent visuals combined with a happy background score and soothing sound effects. The game also has a smooth gameplay which make it even more fun and interesting. This game is perfect for casual gamers who enjoy easy and fun games. in fact, it exudes a relaxing vibe. You should try this game if you are a fan of super casual or logic games.

Tip: Take your time, play at your own pace.

You can play Let Me Grow here.