Laser Locked

By Akshay Mehta · Oct 8, 2018

Laser Locked is an HTML5 puzzle game. The objective of the game is simple, link the rotating discs through the matching color and you clear the level if the laser connects all the discs on the screen. Each disc has four colors and two discs only connect when the color matches on the side facing the other disc color. You can connect the discs vertically or horizontally. The game also offers a go through on how each action within the game is performed.

Laser Locked is made with quite simple gameplay and a techno music playing in the background. The controls for the game are quite straight forward. You can tap on any disc to rotate it clockwise until you match the colors. This level based game gets fairly complex, with added discs and their different placements. The game offers over a 100 levels to keep you hooked. As you progress with the levels, the number of moves allowed to solve the puzzle gets finite. Plan accordingly and proceed to shooting the lasers in the right directions.

You can play Laser Locked here.