Knight Ride

By The Gamezop Team · 1 Oct, 2018

Knight Ride is a free online HTML5 game which captures the adventure of a knight set on a mission to collect the stars amidst various obstacles that come his way. Being an infinite game, the objective is to collect as many starts while dodging the dragons, trees, parachutes, monsters and buildings. Before you begin the game, you can use the collected stars for various power ups too. Reduce the number of enemies, use star magnets, energy bars, extra jumps; all are possible with the powers ups and they help you to score even higher. The more stars you collect, higher the chances of gaining other power ups.

As soon as you tap to blast off the canon, use your jumps to swerve across the path avoiding the obstacles. Tap your screen and use the energy bar to jump over the snags. You’ll also find various power ups to help you go faster and to fill your energy bar while you cruise through the sky. Timing your jumps correctly is the key to play this awesome game. The gameplay is smooth and responsive. The main highlights of this game are the visuals and the ease of playing, which means no matter what age group you come from, this will surely hit the right chords.

Knight Ride is fun and addictive and is coupled with some amazing sound effects. Gamezop offers you to play this game on multiple platforms as well. While being an online HTML5 game on messengers, you can also play it on your browser or the Gamezop app itself.

What are you waiting for then? Play Knight Ride here