Jumpy Ape Joe

By Akshay Mehta · Oct 8, 2018

What do apes love? Bananas! Help Joe, the jumping ape, to collect all the bananas and reach the door. Jumpy Ape Joe is a high quality HTML5 game, crafted to perfection, for those who enjoy arcade games. With an increasing difficulty and added characters with each level as you progress within the game, this online game is a winner. The door only opens when you collect all the bananas. But don’t take too much time! The timer starts as soon as you tap on a level to play it. We also give you unlimited lives so you don’t lose out on your progress.

The controls for the game are simple. Tap on either side of the screen to change the direction of the character. Use the spring jump and the drum launcher to reach to collect the bananas at higher and distant platforms. Watch out to the other creatures and bazookas within the game, you lose a life if you hit any of those. Although, you can kill a snail if you jump onto it.

Tip: Plan your jump to the next platform right when the character hits the ground. This will give you a little extra flight and a better chance to reach.

Play Jumpy Ape Joe as a free and exclusive HTML online game here.