Juicy Dash

By Rishabh Arora · Nov 28, 2016

Juicy Dash is a game of skill and focus. Players must be quick on their feet and should be able to think fast. In this 3 match game, players are challenged to put their logic skills to test and score more points. The fruits in this game are guaranteed to make the player hungry but also determined to see the game through.  The game requires players to concentrate and match objects to the best of their abilities. Juicy Dash as the name suggests is a race against time for the players to achieve their goals. The big question remains, will they be able to do it, whilst scoring high points?

The game rules are uncomplicated. Players must match three or more fruits of the same kind to make them disappear. If the player manages to match more than three at the same time, the subsequent disappearance manages to produce a special object that helps increase the player’s overall score in the game. These special objects also help in clearing the board or creating new objects on the board. Players must be vigilant and combine fruits in a strategic manner. The matches should be precise and perfectly timed.

Juicy Dash has an interesting backdrop filled with bright colours and a variety of objects. The music is set to a beat determined to make the player enthusiastic. The pace of the game is exhilarating and the layer is entertained till the very end. This arcade game is a perfect choice for people of all ages.

Tip: Use the special objects!

Play Juicy Dash here.