Jom Jom Jump

By Rishabh Arora · Nov 21, 2016

Jom Jom Jump is the game about a lovable alien that wants jump all over space to collect apples for himself. The player must be able to bounce his alien off surfaces to catch apples in its mouth and to navigate the alien through a set of objects set to deter him from his task. The player must be strategic in their moves and think about which direction their alien must go before tapping away on their screens.

Jom Jom Jump is easy to understand. Tap left on the screen to move the character in that direction and tap left to move it left. The alien can only move in the upwards directions but land it on a false cliff or eat the wrong things and it is sent bouncing down the sky. The game is quick and endless. The player must be on the lookout for what the character is eating.

The sound effects are judicious and the backdrop is beautiful that makes the player fall even more in love with the game.  Jom Jom Jump is a brilliantly designed HTML game with with smartly designed details and characters Like all other Gamezop games, this game too has no issues while playing, it runs smoothly and is extremely entertaining for on players on all platforms.

Tip: Don’t be fooled by the outlines of cliffs!

Play Jom Jom Jump here.