Jimbo Jump

By Rishabh Arora · Nov 14, 2016

Jimbo Jump

Jimbo has wandered into an abandoned building haunted by ghosts. The player must help him jump through the floors to escape alive. Are you up to the task? But ghosts loom at every corner. They are all over the place. How will Jimbo get out?

The aim is to jump through each floor without running into a ghost. The player can take a long jump or a short jump depending on how high the next floor is. But they need to jump fast because ghosts are at every floor and once you run into one, it is game over. The ghosts fly at a jet speed and can change directions in the blink of an eye. To escape, Jimbo must jump faster and higher. Although Jimbo appears small on the screen, he can jump to amazing heights hence players cannot underestimate his power.

Jimbo Jump has an interesting backdrop of a depleted old building with leaking faucets. It gives of the spooky look perfectly.  The game is fast paced and keeps the player engaged for a long time.  The ghosts are truly terrifying and will have the player frantically pressing to jump away from them. Each floor Jimbo successfully crosses, earns the player a point. Score more points and make your mark on the Leaderboards!

Tip: Ghost can appear out of walls too!

You can play jimbo jump here