Jelly Doods

By Rishabh Arora · Jan 14, 2017

Help the jellies join their clan in this exciting arcade game of Jelly Doods. Pieces of jelly have been separated from their kin in this puzzle game. Help the pieces of jelly reach their counterparts in the least number of moves possible. You must join the correct jelly to earn more points. Will you be able to reunite the jelly or will tie run out for them? It is not as easy as it looks. Use new strategies and push pieces around in innovative ways to solve this brain game! Play Jelly Doods for an entertaining time of unlimited fun!

Jelly Doods has a simple gameplay. You only need to move pieces of jelly around on the board to ultimately combine them with their counterparts. Move jelly around in the left, right, up or down directions and let them become one with the other jellies. You must think carefully about every move you make. The faster the jellies are joint, the more points you earn. Work fast and efficiently in this rapid arcade game! Score high points and climb to the top to make a name for yourself on the leaderboard! Help jellies reunite and be the saviour of the game!

Overall, Jelly Doods is entertaining and enthralling at the same time. It keeps you thinking way beyond the game and you will be unable to put it down even for a second. The background is picturesque and the music is apt for this fast-paced HTML5 puzzle game. This game is a must play if you love quick and easy games to play on the go!

Tip: Try to think of new shapes for jellies to find the solution!

Play Jelly Doods here.