Jelly Bears

By Rishabh Arora · Nov 21, 2016

Jelly bears is a game determined to make you hungry. Jelly bears is a game about the sweet candy that everyone seems to love come to life. Player must keep their hunger at bay and match same colored jelly bears to earn more points. The jelly bears may look mighty yummy but you must be vigilant and get through the various levels first. The game is one of constant vigilance and logic where the player’s matchmaking skills are put to the test.

Jelly Bears starts of pretty simple. All the player must do is match three or more jelly bears of the same color. They could be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. Once they are connected, the player earns points that ups his position in the leaderboards. Each level also comes with its own goal which is mentioned right at the start. Successfully completing the given task results in completion of the level and more points. The game ends when there are no more combinations that can be done on the board.

Fans of any match the following games will love Jelly bears. Quick and easy to play, Jelly bears keeps the player entertained on the way to work. Like all Gamezop games, Jelly bears is high on visuals and with soothing sound effects. The game is engaging and prompts the player to score more points and make their mark on the Leaderboards.

Tip: Keep a lookout for those goals at the start of each level.

Play Jelly Bears here.