Streamlined Payments Experience for Gamezop Publishers

By Yashash Agarwal · Feb 13, 2024

At Gamezop, we have always been dedicated to providing exceptional experiences to our Publishers. Today, we are thrilled to announce a game-changing upgrade to the Gamezop Business dashboard: a dedicated Payments section designed to revolutionise the earnings management experience for our Publishers.

Who are Gamezop Publishers?

Gamezop operates multiple plug-and-play products across content categories (viz., games, quizzes, astrology, news, and cricket). Gamezop Publishers are apps and websites that embed one or more of our products to grow user engagement and advertising revenue.

Why do we need a new Payments experience?

When Publishers send users to our products, we generate advertising revenue, which is shared with them. Our Publishers get access to their revenue data real time on the Gamezop Business dashboard.

At the end of each month, Publishers receive a consolidated report of earnings. The final step of this process – and in some ways the most important – is for the Publishers to raise invoices on us, allowing us to pay them their share of the revenue.

There is a series of steps we follow after Publishers upload invoices on the dashboard:

  • Screen each invoice and, in the event of any error, email concerned Publisher for re-submission
  • After processing the payment, email the concerned Publisher to facilitate tracking of the remittance in their bank accounts
  • Upon request from Publishers outside India, email a certificate confirming a deduction of six percent Equalisation Levy

Yes, emails, emails, emails! For several thousand Publishers, each month. We recognised this wasn't ideal, especially for our growing publisher base.

What does the new experience look like?

The new Payments section on the Gamezop Business dashboard puts everything our Publishers need at their fingertips, streamlining workflow and eliminating the need for unnecessary email communication.

1. Invoice status: Publishers can conveniently monitor the status of their invoices. Any issues requiring revision are readily visible here, eliminating the need for back-and-forth communication with us.

2. Payments tab: Here, Publishers can view payment dates, corresponding earning periods, and net payment amounts for all payments made since February 1, 2024.

3. Payment advice, Equalisation Levy certificate, and more: Clicking on any individual payment reveals other useful information: invoice details, beneficiary details, payment tracking ID, taxes, and more.

All this information can be easily downloaded as a Payment Advice directly from the dashboard. We believe this will be particularly valuable for Publishers who previously had to chase down payment details from their finance teams!

For payments made to Publishers residing outside India, we deduct a 6% Equalisation Levy in accordance with regulatory requirements. These Publishers can download a comprehensive Equalisation Levy Certificate for this deduction, assisting them in filing tax returns in their home countries.

TL;DR: What does this update mean?

Bid farewell to manual processes and email correspondence! Our new Payments section on the Gamezop Business dashboard offers a seamless, centralised experience to Publishers for managing their earnings, and staying informed every step of the way.

  • Effortless invoice management: See if one's invoice has been received, processed, or requires revision; identify and resolve invoice issues on the spot
  • Comprehensive payment history: Track all of one's past payments at a glance, including dates, amounts, and beneficiary details; understand which earnings periods each payment covers
  • Downloadable documents: Download Payment Advices and, for Publishers residing outside India, Equalisation Levy Certificates, with a simple click

We are really excited about this update, and hope that this makes the Gamezop experience a little bit better for our Publishers! Over 7,000 apps and websites around the world benefit from our revenue-sharing program each month. If you have an app or website and want to know more, contact us here.