By Rishabh Arora · Nov 14, 2016

Illuminate is a puzzle game that tests your sense of physics and space. Can you place light in such a way that the whole room is sufficiently lit? Do your best to place lights in every nook and corner of the given room so that it appears bright. Are you up to the task? Illuminate is a mind game that requires the player to think hard and fast.  Illuminate the entire room with the fewest clicks possible.

The game starts of simple where you only must place lights in the room to light it up. But the higher the levels, the more complicated the game gets. You are pushed to your limits whilst thinking of ways to place the lights and reflectors in such a way that the room is illuminated as the game says. The game becomes challenging with the increasing number of levels and its respective objects in the game.

The varying backgrounds are a refreshing change to other HTML games. The layout of each room is different and as the levels progress, so do the size of the rooms.  The sound track to the game is entertaining and keeps the player nodding their head along to the beats. The sound effects are aptly placed especially when a player mistakenly places light in the wrong places. Overall, Illuminate is an arcade game that keeps the player enraptured and thinking till the very end.

Tip: Aim for the centre of every room!

Play Illuminate for free here