Hoop Loop

By Rishabh Arora · Apr 4, 2018

Hoop Loop is a strategic game where all the player’s brain cells are used. The game requires immense concentration on part of the player and constant tapping of their fingers. Hoop Loop is the story of one ball and a variety of obstacles. Players must analyse each move carefully and then proceed. The game is endless but entertaining all the same. Hoop Loop as the name suggests has a lot of hoops and repetitiveness. The game is relaxing and is perfect for the end of a stressful day.

The rules of Hoop Loop are simple. Players must constantly tap on their screens to rotate a circle. The circle never appears complete although the boundaries are defined. The aim is to keep the ball within the circle’s boundaries and not let it fly off. To do so, the ball must hit the highlighted area of the circle to bounce back. The moves are repetitive and require flexible fingers. Each tapping of the finger shifts the circle in a new direction where some parts of the cycle appear but others disappear. The end is when the player lets go of the obstacle and the ball flies off into the depths of space.

Overall, Hoop Loop is endless and lets the player put their feet up, lest for a few minutes. The game has a tuneful soundtrack that soothes the player. The background is a blend of pale pink and dark maroon that sets of the mood of the game perfectly. Hoop Loop is engaging and requires players to enjoy all the way.

Tip: Figure out the pattern of the circle in the first few minutes of the game.

Play Hoop Loop here.