By Rishabh Arora · Nov 14, 2016


Hextris is where your childhood dream of building blocks comes to life. Played with a six-sided figure and blocks falling from every direction, Hextris is essentially a mind game, leaving the player frustrated at the same time thinking about their next move. It exercises the brain in the not subtle way possible. The player is left frantically trying to move the hexagon clockwise and anticlockwise to get the block to drop where they want it to.

The rules are straightforward. Manage to align three colours together to make them disappear and earn points. If any block is aligned in such a way that it touches the borders of the Hexagon, the game cannot proceed. Initially, the blocks drop slowly, slow enough that the player can take it slow and think about every move of theirs but as the speed gradually increase, the player must be quick on their feet and move the hexagon at lightning speed. There are a wide range of colours but there is no specific order to their appearance nor can you predict which side they will appear on.

The more coloured blocks that disappear, the higher you score in the game. But it is not a simple as it seems, soon colour will appear simultaneous or even joint together, the player has to be strategic in his moves and place them in such a way that benefits his points.Fans of the normal Tetris will love Hextris. It comes with more challenges and mainly a different style of aligning blocks that challenges the players’ and leaves them planning their moves long after the game has ended.  

You can play Hextris here