Hex Burst

By The Gamezop Team · 1 Oct, 2018

Hex Burst is an endless HTML5 online game in which you have to burst as many hexagons as you can, while keeping the snake alive. Three main objects in the game are the hexagons, power up triangles and the snake itself. Each of these has a power value written on them. The snake starts with a point 1. Every time you eat the triangles, the snake’s length and the points increases by the value of the triangle, but each time you hit a hexagon, you lose your power by the hexagon’s value. If your power gets to 0, the snake dies and you lose. The objective is simple, pick up power from the triangles and burst the hexagons.

The game includes the arcade feel and music. The controls are simple, swipe your finger in the direction you want the snake to move to. Watch out for the walls, they want you to hit the higher valued hexagons and kill you.

The game is pretty easy but it’s very hard to reach the high scores.

You can play Hex Burst here.