Hats Off

By Akshay Mehta · Oct 8, 2018

Remember the bottle flip challenge? Here we have a player who’s bored of the on field game and wants the spectators to enjoy his hat-tricks. Well, quite literally! Our player is trying the bottle flip skills to flip the hat back on his head. Help him to land the hat perfectly on his head.

The stadium is full, the crowd is cheering and the stage is set. Flick the hat from the player’s head with the right speed and direction, the hat will land back on his head and the spectators will clap and cheer for you. Too slow or too fast, the hat will go haywire and the crowd will greet you with boos and hisses. Such easy controls and the perfect sound effects of an actual stadium make this game a great pass time.

The game is endless so you can score as much as you can and brag about it. So, what are you waiting for? Crack your knuckles and set yourself up.

You can play Hats Off here.