Hansel & Gretel

By Rishabh Arora · Nov 14, 2016

Hansel & Gretel is a puzzle and logic game based on the story of the Grimm Brothers. Help the brother and sister duo escape the evil witch’s house by collecting candy and avoiding obstacles. The player must collect all candy for Hansel and Gretel to escape alive from the house. It is an adventure game that is child friendly and can also be played with the family.

Hansel & Gretel has an interesting backdrop that of a board game filled with tiles. The player must navigate their character through the grid, avoiding obstacles and collecting all the candy. There are not only stationary obstacles but along the way, the character might also encounter moving cats and other animals who try to block them from collecting candy.

The game has multiple levels and more candy the player collects, more the points the players earns. With each increasing level, the difficulty level also increases with more obstacles there is even more candy to collect. The player must be quick on their feet and run around the board by swiping left or right to move their character.

The music of the game gives the player of an unsolved mystery and danger but when they collect sufficient candy, the player can hear triumphant music that uplifts their spirits. The game is entertaining for children who love fairy-tale and for those who also like solving puzzles. Like all other Gamezop games, this game too is fun and delightful.

Tip: Do not run into the cats!

Play Hansel & Gretel here