Gyro Pong

By Vaishali Ramesh · Dec 21, 2016

Gyro Pong is a html5 pong game that will enthral you with its clever integration of physics into its seamless gameplay. Gyro Pong is a game which requires both logic and skill in proportionate quantities, in Gyro Pong, you should keep rebounding a ball within a circle while you rotate a paddle around it. If the ball exits the circle, you must start over, every time you successfully tap the ball back in the circle your score increases by one, thus the longer you can contain this ball in the vacuum, the higher will be your score. Do you have what it takes to beat the high scores on the Gamezop leader boards?

This Pong game in HTML5 has minimalistic controls, to control the rotating paddle along the periphery of the circle, all you must do is tap in the direction you want to rotate it, tapping on the right will move it clockwise and tapping left will move it anticlockwise, it’s that simple. The game may seem difficult at first, but as you keep playing, it becomes very simple and more fun.

Our HTML5 Ping Pong game boasts of some smooth gameplay which includes very decent visuals and a sound track to die for, the music playing is the background is fitting for the overall theme and all this imparts a more realistic depth to the game.

Tip: Do not get your fingers of the screen.

You can play Gyro Pong (a canvas Pong game)here.