Grumpy Gorilla

By Vaishali Ramesh · Nov 14, 2016

Your success at Grumpy Gorilla is directly proportional to your reflexes. This is a fast paced, time based tapping game which is highly addictive and will make your fingers incapacitated by the time you master it. In this game, you are an angry gorilla who continues to punch an endlessly long tree with branches protruding on either side. The gorilla will move to the side you tap and your main objective is to avoid a beating on the head from one of those branches. Seems simple? Not really! There’s a countdown that you must watch out for too. This is an interesting mechanic in the game – prevents you from beating the game by going slow. Your score increases by 1 every time you steer clear of a branch. Grumpy Gorilla leader boards indicate cutthroat competition and beating high scores on this one isn’t going to be easy.

Grumpy Gorilla is inspired by the Android game Timberman developed by Digital Melody. Grumpy Gorilla has flawless gameplay combined with excellent visuals. Having an angry gorilla punch trees adds a fresh touch to the game.  The art follows a flat, modern style and the transitions between day and night themes add beautifully to the visual depth of the game.

Grumpy Gorilla can be played across all Gamezop platforms: you can access it online, and even play it offline on the Gamezop application. Just 5 minutes into the game and you will be humbled by your inabilities to control a gorilla who chops trees.

Tip: The faster you tap, the faster the game progresses, simultaneously increasing the risk of losing. You play slow and the time runs out without you even noticing it. Grumpy Gorilla sure does require a unique approach to its gameplay.

You can play Grumpy Gorilla here.