Groovy Ski

By The Gamezop Team · 1 Nov, 2016

Groovy Ski is a game of immense control and concentration.  The player’s job is to guide their character in and out of slippery slopes and get him to safety. The slopes are steep and have dangerous turnings. The player must be careful where he steps so that his character is no danger. The slopes are filled with snow and the player is on thin ice trying to navigate his character through a bunch of smartly placed obstacles.  The character too, is on skis that shift easily hence the player too must be wary of that aspect.

The gameplay is effortless. Tap on the left or right of the screen to move your character in the respective direction. The character must move through a maze-like structure, all the while collecting stars. The maze is made of sharp left and right turns that the player must be careful of. Turn to early, and you may bang into the fence, turn too late and you may still meet the same fate. Move the character precisely and carefully to make it to the top scores of the Leaderboard!

Groovy Ski is strategic and logic based. It demands that the player be on their toes and navigate the character smartly. The music is apt and the backdrop is aesthetic.  The game is a blast for all casual gamers’ across platforms. But Gamezop seems to make it their mission to entertain players every minute of every game.

Tip: The skis themselves help the character turn quickly.

Play Groovy Ski here.