Greedy Gnomes

By The Gamezop Team · 3 Nov, 2016

Greedy Gnomes is one of the few multiplayer games you can play in the HTML5 sphere and it doesn’t disappoint. Greedy Gnomes is a twist on the classic board game Connect Four. The rules of the game are simple, connect four or more chips to gain maximum points and outdo your opponents. The more similar coloured chips you connect the higher your score is at the end of the game. You can play this game in one vs one mode or single player.
The gnomes count your scores at the end of the game and declare the winner, this provides for smooth uninterrupted gameplay and makes the game even more engaging. Greedy Gnomes requires tact, skill, logic and strategy. It has fantastic sound effects and is set across a beautiful background, this imparts the game a touch of originality and makes the experience even more fun.
Overall Greedy Gnomes is a well-developed HTML5 game which is addictive and entertaining, you can play Greedy Gnomes on your mobile or tablet through the Gamezop app or you can even play it on your PCs via the Gamezop website.
Tip: Take time to plan your next move, do not rush.

You can play Greedy Gnomes here.