Game of Tiles

By Rishabh Arora · May 6, 2017

Game of Tiles is a fast paced interesting and one of a kind board game that will get you addicted if you play it even once. The game has unconventional gameplay combined with absolutely simple controls and straightforward objectives. The game in theory is very simple, all you have to actually do is tap on the black tiles. The white tiles are spread out on a 4×4 board, each tile turns black for a few seconds. You have to collect points before the black tiles fade out, if you tap on a white tile however, it’s game over and you will have to start again.

Game of Tiles is one of those games which seems really simple when you look at it, but only if you play it, you will understand how challenging it really is. Game of Tiles features some great visuals incorporated into sharp crisp sound effects and a progressive background score. The makers have paid great attention to detail and each little thing in the game is looked after, for example the seconds countdown on each black tile and the number of times you have to tap on the tile is clear.

Overall, Game of Tiles is one of our amazing html5 games that will put your sharpness and reflexes to the test. If you like board games or fast paced games, then you should surely play Game of Tiles, it won’t disappoint.

Play Game of Tiles here.