Furious Speed

By Vaishali Ramesh · Nov 14, 2016

Plunge into a great html5 car racing game designed to get to you tapping away from the cops. In Furious Speed you play an on the run fugitive who drives a sports car through heavily trafficked city roads. While to try your best to avoid crashing into the numerous cars moving across the lanes on your screen, you must also keep an eye out for the police vehicles who are constantly chasing you down. The objective is simple, overtake as many cars as you can and with every overtake your score increases, if you crash into another car you start over, go to slow and the police chases you down. With the use of nitro boosters, you can shoot past other vehicles to best your scores.

Furious Speed has very simple controls, tap on either side of the car to steer it in that lane and tap on the nitro icon to speed through. The gameplay is very smooth, the graphics are brilliant for an HTML5 game and the soundtrack is also commendable. The game has an overall vintage feel to it which will remind you of peculiar 2D console racing games from before.

The simple and ordinary gameplay somehow has a unique feel to it and makes the game great fun. Furious Speed is surely one of the great action packed racing games out there and you can access it across all platforms of Gamezop may it be on the phone via the Gamezop app or online, on the Gamezop website.
Tip: Do not forget to use your nitro boosters occasionally to stay away from the police cars.
Play Furious Speed for free here.