Foot Chinko

By Vaishali Ramesh · Nov 29, 2016

Foot Chinko is a unique game. It has unconventional gameplay for a sports mobile game. Foot Chinko is a story mode football game which is both engaging and a fun. In Foot Chinko, you control an international team and play a good deal of matches vs other international opponents. Although this is a football game, it has little or no action, in fact this game tilts more towards logic, puzzle and strategy. So, you must use your mind more than your skills to score goals and progress through championships.

Foot Chinko is not easy, it draws little inspiration from the classic pinball, where in this game, the pinball is the football and you should kick it in the net without the goal keeper or opponent players intercepting the football. The striking feature of this game is that all the players remain fixed in their spots, the only movement is of the ball which keeps rebounding off the players until it finds the back of the net or exits the field for an outside. The game is simple and great fun to play and the numerous levels get more complex and challenging as you progress further.

Foot Chinko combines great graphics along with some synced music and sound effects, all this makes the game an overall hit. The different angle to this sports game is a total success and is sure to make you a fan.

Tip: Time your kicks for better accuracy.

You can play Foot Chinko here.