Fly Safe

By Rishabh Arora · Dec 20, 2016

In Fly Safe, you play the innocent but likable bird that is calmly fluttering above in the sky. Can you be safe from the incoming dangers or will you be fighting for your life? In this action-packed adventure game, swerve left and right to avoid crates that fall at lightning speed. Beware, if you bang into any obstacle, it is game over for you!  Swipe left and right and move quickly to safety! Can you rapidly get to the top before the clock runs out? Test your speed and agility in this fun casual game!

In this game, you must swipe left or right to save your bird. Crates continuously fall from the skies but you cannot predict which side they will fall on. The crates fall at a fast rate making it more difficult for you to manoeuvre your bird. Swipe fast to move your lazy bird to the sides. Beware not to bump into the borders or that ends your game. Do not bump into the falling crates or your bird will disintegrate into millions of feathers and it is game over for you!

Overall, Fly Safe is entertaining and is appropriate for people of all age groups. It is also fun to play with family or in groups. The music is peppy and the backdrop is a beautiful sight. Fly Safe is one of the easiest and enthralling games on the Gamezop platform.

Tip: Stay far away from the crates! Do not try to bypass them!

Play Fly Safe here.