Flexi Snake

By Vaishali Ramesh · Nov 14, 2016

Flexi Snake is a modern twist on an absolute classic. Flexi Snake is surely an excellently made game which will make you nostalgic, if you have ever played the original snake game years ago, on the old Nokia or Motorola phones.

Even though this game is inspired by Snake, it seems very much like an original due to custom modifications which make the game a unique experience. A striking feature of this game is the controls, the controls are unconventional, yet easy. To control the snake all you must do is tap in any the desired direction on the screen and this will move the snake towards it. Some features of this game are very different like the speed of the snake, who travels much faster than his predecessor, also in this game the snake does not die if his head collides with any other part of his body, this makes this ever so difficult game slightly easier. Great colours combined with a decent background score feels like a breath of fresh air in this franchise and make the game even more enjoyable and addictive.

Overall Flexi Snake does justice to the original game, in some areas it’s even better than the original, like graphics, sound and interface. Flexi snake is free to play across all Gamezop platforms, you can play it on your phone, through the Gamezop app or even on the web via the Gamezop website.

Tip: Delay your taps for better control of the snake, rushing your movement will probably result in a collision with the edges.

You can play Flexi Snake here.