Fizz Fuss

By Vaishali Ramesh · Sep 25, 2018

Have you ever wondered how you would cope if you were a bartender? In Fizz Fuss you play a bartender at a very busy beer bar. Your objective is to serve all your customers beer as they enter the bar. Sounds simple? It’s far from it. This level-based game requires you to serve each and every customer as he/she enters your bar, the customers enter and occupy different tables and they edge closer to the beer tap each second until they are served. The customers also slide over empty glasses across the table towards you and you have to ensure the glass doesn’t break or you will lose a life. If a customer reaches the end of the table, you lose a life.

The game has easy to grasp controls, the control buttons are displayed on the screen and it take little or no time to get used to them. Tap the button at the end of each table to go to it and hold the button to drip the beer. With each level, an extra table is added along with thirsty customers. You are given three lives throughout this game, if you exhaust them, you have to start over. As you progress further, the difficulty level of this game significantly increases and this makes it all the more addictive and challenging.

Fizz Fuss boasts of some vintage visuals coupled with classic sound effects and typical country background music which fits perfectly with the theme of the game. Fizz Fuss is the kind of game that can be enjoyed by all. Its unique gameplay and dynamics are sure to make you an addict.

Play Fizz Fuss here.