Feed The Figures 2

By Akshay Mehta · Oct 8, 2018

Their appetite is not much but they are hungry! Feed The Figures 2 brings to you a fun, easy and creative way of feeding your pet figures. All these figures are geometrical figures like a triangle, a circle, rectangle and lines, who are famished and need your help to reach their food. That’s not all, the figures follow laws of physics. What’s that? They fall if their landing isn’t perfect and stable, and they die. Once the figures reach their food, the times waits to check if the figures can stay the on the racks and avoid falling.

A little mathematics make this game a great learning for the kids while keeping them hooked with the background music and the funny voices of the figures. These figures need one sometimes two food items to make them happy green figure. The in-game hints tell you how much food any particular figure would need. If the figure is yellow, feed them with one and if it’s red, feed them with two food items. The game also features different levels with increasing difficulty as you progress. Watch out for the bombs and pendulums, and use them to your benefit.

With amazing visuals and classic sound effects, this online HTML5 game makes you play and try harder to unlock subsequent levels.

Play Feed The Figures 2 here.