Fancy Diver

By Rishabh Arora · Nov 23, 2016

Fancy Diver is game of immense skill and concentration. It is the story of divers that are stuck in the ocean and need help in getting out. Players are set to the task of helping divers reach the surface before their moves run out. This intense game is a match of 3 challenges players to put their best foot forward and save divers from a dangerous fate. Players have the freedom to take their time to save the divers but if they lose out on their moves, the divers are doomed. The game brings a whole new meaning to the word match three, with its engaging and mesmerizing gameplay.

The game rules are straightforward. Players must match three or more blocks of the same color. Once matched, the blocks disappear, making way for the other blocks to move up. This created space for the divers too, to move towards the surface. With accuracy and speed, players must succeed in guiding the divers to the water surface. The higher the levels, more are the number of divers to be rescued and subsequently tougher are the challenges.

The blocks in the game are pleasing to the eye. They come in different colors and patterns that intrigues the player.  The music is melodic and the backdrop an astounding array of colors. The game demands that the player be concentrated on the task at hand and help divers as quickly as possible. Overall, the game is an amazing arcade game that entertains the players like no other.

Tip: Try to match as many same colored blocks as possible.

Play Fancy Diver here.