Falling Through

By The Gamezop Team · 4 Dec, 2016

From the very moment, you tap on the screen in Falling Through, you will get addicted to this fast paced, endless maze game. In this game, you are in control of a ball which you must navigate through a difficult maze which is full of long ledges and small openings. Now while you go about dropping this ball from one opening to another, the screen simultaneously moves down on you, if the ball touches the top of the screen, you lose and you must start over. The game gets interesting and difficult as you keep progressing as the screen starts moving faster and you must quicken up just to survive.

The game has very simple controls because all you must do is tap in the direction you want to move the ball. Falling through requires a ton of concentration as you must keep planning your next jump while you are still in your present jump. Thus, the physics of this game keep you captivated and engaged while you start to adapt to its smooth gameplay. The game has some good sound effects and controlling the ball takes some practice at first, but once you have played the game a couple of times, you will be making a high score on every turn.

Overall, Falling Through is a great game for fans of the endless games genre, it is fun, entertaining and competitive at the same time. You should surely give this unique game a try, it won’t disappoint.

Tip: Plan your next drop in advance.

You can play Falling Through here.