Evil Wyrm

By Vaishali Ramesh · Nov 23, 2016

Evil Wyrm is amazing, brilliant, fantastic and thrilling. In fact, Evil Wyrm is such a prepossessing game that you will wonder why you haven’t played a game of this quality before. Aesthetically brilliant, beautiful on the eye, crisp and fitting for the ears, this game will not give you a chance to find even slight imperfections. In Evil Wyrm, you play a hero travelling across an alluring land, which is patrolled by the Evil Wyrm, the major objective of the game is to get through all the levels by taking refuge behind rocks and collecting gems in the process. The worm moves from left to right and if he manages to see you, his flames will transform you to dead meat.

This game has a smooth feel, the controls are well incorporated into the theme and gameplay, they are present on the screen and a clever back story along with a beautiful prelude will get you engrossed in this story. Calling this game addictive would be an understatement, it is way more than that, the storyline is so well thought out that you will start doubting how good this game can get.

If you are still reading this, you are missing out, this game is a absolute pleasure which takes casual gaming to another level, its originality and substance is of the highest order, overall this game is pure genius.

Tip: You can jump over the Wyrm to avoid his flames.

You can play Evil Wyrm here.