Evil Robot

By Vaishali Ramesh · Nov 29, 2016

From the start, Evil Robot throws players into this unforgiving and gruesome world of an evil robot who has stolen your girlfriend, your main objective in this game is to save your girlfriend from the dungeons of the evil robot and while you embark on this dangerous adventure you will come across obstacles and enemies which you must shoot down to progress. This 2D side scroller is packed with fast paced action and will test your reflexes to the limit with its amazing gameplay. Can you survive long enough to save your girlfriend?

Evil Robot has power packed visuals, an engaging background score and some decent sound effects which are sure to get you addicted. Above all, it has some fantastic gameplay coupled with swift easy controls which make the game more entertaining. The controls in this endless runner are as simple as they get, tap on the left side of your screen to jump your hero and type on the right side to shoot.

Overall, Evil Robot is a game which will get you addicted in no time, beautiful visuals, great graphics and a well synced soundtrack give the game a unique edge and make it even more fun to play.

Tip: Tap faster to jump over the ledges quickly.

You can play Evil Robot here.