Drop Dead

By Vaishali Ramesh · Nov 23, 2016

Drop Dead will actually kill you with its bone chilling storyline and time based gameplay. In Drop Dead you play an archaeologist who is trying to escape a dungeon full of death traps and obstacles designed to get you killed. While you descend your hero from the top floor of this game, you are sure to get addicted with this simple strategy, time based, down scroller. The game seems really easy initially but as you progress, it becomes increasingly difficult to time your drops from one floor to another and before you know it, you will have to start over because of a spear that you didn’t see coming or spikes you accidently stepped on. The controls of this game are simple, tap in the direction you want to move, its that simple.

Drop Dead features some excellent visuals and a great fitting background score which not only adds depth to the gameplay, but also makes the game more engaging and smooth. Adapting to the controls and gameplay takes a while but once you get the gist of the game, you can literally go further every time you play.

Drop Dead is very addictive due to its simplicity and minimalistic controls. The gameplay is difficult and this makes it all the more addictive and fun to play.

Tip: move as fast as you can, if you don’t, you will be crushed by the row of spikes falling.

You can play Drop Dead here.