By The Gamezop Team · 6 Nov, 2016

Drone is an amazingly addictive and intelligently made game which combines an unconventional gameplay with some unique controls. In this game, you help the Drone reach higher, while simultaneously avoiding a packed screen of obstacles in this endless maze. The score is ever increasing and the higher you propel your drone, the higher will be your score. To push the drone up, you must tap or hold the screen, to turn it in the desired direction, you tap on that side of the screen. If you leave the screen, the drone becomes completely lifeless and this pushes it down, which eventually causes a crash. If you hold the screen for long, the drone will fly high up on the maze and this will give you less time to adjust when a new obstacle comes your way. Thus, it is very important to keep the drone right in the middle of your screen.

What makes this game fun, challenging and addictive are the controls. The controls take some getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, the game becomes even more enjoyable. The Drone has old but fitting visuals which are combined very well with sci-fi sound effects and apt background music.

The drone is a great game you should try it if you are fond of endless games. It won’t disappoint.

Tip: Tap on the screen instead of holding it to keep better control of the drone. Also, it is safe to leave the screen when many obstacles approach, this gives you more time and a better idea of how to charge the drone through safely.

You can play Drone here.