Drift Control

By The Gamezop Team · 1 Nov, 2016

Drift Control is possibly the most unique game you will ever find across any platform. It involves an eccentric car ever drifting to the right and the only way to control it is by tapping or holding the screen which forces your car to the drift left, release your finger and it will continue its periodic sweep to the right of your screen.

Every second that your car drifts, your score increases and therefore, the further you drift, the higher is your score. The game is difficult at first, but once you get the gist of it, it starts to get plain sailing. The course seems great with occasional trees and other obstacles causing slight and sometimes considerable problems while your fingers frantically try to navigate an out of control car through an endless maze. Even though you may have never played a game of this sorts before, adapting to the dynamics and controls barely takes minutes and before time you will be setting new personal high scores. The uniqueness of its character should be credited solely to its gameplay, such an unconventional gameplay asserts the games originality and makes for a different experience while playing.

The graphics remind you of some absolute classics from a few decades ago and this coupled with a vintage 1980’s/1990’s soundtrack is sure to remind you of your old video game consoles. Drift Control feels like a breath of fresh air in the vertical scrolling 2D game sphere, the authenticity of controls and gameplay is not only a striking feature of this game but also makes it an enjoyable game.

Tip: Hold the screen for better car control.

You can play Drift Control here.