Dribblin Dot

By Rishabh Arora · Dec 20, 2016

Can you bounce a ball continuously for long periods of time? Do you like matching colours? Then Dribblin Dot is just the game for you! In Dribblin Dot, your only job is to carefully bounce a ball in the center of the screen. Each time the ball lands, you only need to shift the base to match the colour of the ball. Easy and simple! Swipe left or right to score more points in this fast-paced arcade game! Match more balls with more colours and earn high points to make it to our Leader Boards!

The gameplay is straightforward in Dribblin Dot. All you must do is swipe left or right on the screen to match the colour of the ball and the base. Each time the ball is in the air, it changes colour. Beware, for the red looks like the orange and the orange looks like the red. Do not get confused though, all you have to do is focus and match the bases correctly. As the game progresses, the speed of the ball increases. With increasing speed, you must be careful and quickly swipe the circle containing the bases. Tap on either side of the screen to shift the revolving base and save the ball from imminent doom!

Overall, Dribblin Dot is an engaging and entertaining with its tuneful sound effects and soothing backdrop. The game is a masterpiece by itself in the genre of casual games. Dribblin Dot is undoubtedly one of the enthralling games created on the Gamezop platform. This is a must for all player who wish to unwind and relax.

Tip: Tap on both sides of the screen to shift colours.

Play Dribblin Dot here.