Dribble Kings

By The Gamezop Team · 2 Nov, 2016

Dribble Kings is a fun, fast paced, enjoyable yet competitive sports game that combines extraordinary gameplay with exquisite controls. Dribble Kings is an unconventional football game which provides a near perfect combination of a football mobile game with an endless runner, this makes the game exceptional. The new concept provides for engaging gameplay and captivating controls. This game is a paradise for football or sports game enthusiasts.

In Dribble Kings you play a centre forward who is running with the football, you have to control the footballer by dragging him from one part of the pitch to another while he runs at a quick speed, in the process you have to avoid a barrage of skilled defenders whose hard hitting and greatly timed slide tackles prove their thirst for the ball, simultaneously you have to dribble your player through goalposts and coins to accumulate a higher score. The further you can travel with your player without getting tackled, the higher is your score. The controls are a tad bit complex but they take barely minutes to get used to and the more you play this game, the better you get at it.

Dribble Kings has a great gameplay, brilliant visuals incorporated with apt sound effects and a fitting background score which make the game an overall delight. All this makes Dribble Kings one of the best sports games that is available today. If you are interested in the sports game genre, this game will surely not disappoint.

Tip: You can even drag the player back and forth to exercise a little control on his speed.

You can play Dribble Kings here.