Don't Eat Trash

By Vaishali Ramesh · Nov 14, 2016

Eating healthy is difficult. Don’t Eat Trash, amplifies that. Don’t Eat Trash is a simple yet meaningful game around the need to eat healthy. You are a monster trapped on a circular island, with occasional meteoric splurges of junk food and healthy food thrown at your island. Your goal is simple: avoid the junk food and intercept the nutritious food; and trust me if you think doing the same was a tough job in real life, you have not played this game yet.

A standout feature of this game is the way makers have combined super simple controls with a unique and speedy gameplay. The more you move around in those infinite circles, the more this game will grow on you, the intensity and difficulty of the game increases with time. The best part of the game is that there are no levels, the longer you survive, the higher is your score. You are presented with a total of 6 lives and every time you eat something good err bad, you lose a life. It may take you a couple of minutes only to learn the game, but to make an impression on the leader board you must master it.

As it is with all Gamezop games, you can play Don’t Eat Trash everywhere:  your mobile, tablet and even your desktop! On the Gamezop Android app, you can also take the game offline after playing it online once. Don’t Eat Trash prove that super casual games can also hold meaning beyond just their entertainment quotient, and for a change an addictive game can be related to. With great visuals, a fun soundtrack and easy controls, this game is probably one of the best super casual games out there in the market today.

Tip: Restrict movement, the more you move, the better chances of collision.

Play Don’t Eat Trash here.