By Vaishali Ramesh · Nov 23, 2016

Help poor dodgy as she lay stranded on her small island, collecting the remaining rubies and dodging dangerous fireballs hurled towards her. The objective of Dodgy is simple, collect as many precious rubies to increase your score while simultaneously avoiding the red, orange and blue fireballs flying in from all directions on your small island. The controls of this game are minimalistic, swipe or use the directional arrows to move dodgy across the island.

Dodgy surely has one of the best music and sound effects that you can find in an HTML5 game today, it has a great background music and the effects are well placed required and add to the feel of the game. Dodgy takes barely a few minutes to get used to and after that every turn you play, the chances to increase your top score are high, the more you play dodgy, the better you get at it. The visuals are crisp and modern, the fact that everything in this game is kept so simple adds to its depth and further increases its overall appeal.

You must play Dodgy, it’s a unique game which is fun to play and very addictive, the game will get you addicted in a few tries and you will keep retrying to best your score just one more time.

Tip: Always come back to the center of the island after collecting the ruby, staying on the edges may give you less time to react to a quick fireball, also this makes all corners of the island faster and easier to reach.

Play Dodgy for free here.